Enginasion Capabilities pdf

Invention is an art form. Our skill sets free us up to be artists. As we approach a new challenge, our first question is “What is the real problem?” People generally want to solve the problems they know how solve. We start at the root problem and remove any preconceived notions of the solution. Finding the real problem is the key to innovation. Some people fix symptoms. We fix problems. Often the key to finding the solution is researching how nature handles a similar situation.

Internal engineers are often very talented, yet highly specialized. When certain problems get beyond their expertise, our outside perspective and diversified skill set make us a vital partner to the internal resources. The entry point can be anywhere in the process from initial science project to developing a unique, but integral part in the manufacturing system.

Many of the problems that we help people with are unique to their business. Manufacturing companies look to Enginasion because they need something out of the ordinary. Many engineering groups in various industries rely on us for solutions to challenges that are outside their normal scope of challenges. We’re not selling products or anything that would invest us in preconceived directions for solutions. Our particular expertise is to bring multiple technologies - electronics, mechanics, and software - together to solve problems.

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