In any new project we start with a discovery phase. We meet with your team and discuss the root problem that needs solving. Together, we list possible solutions and create fastest, least expensive test to determine which technologies can combine to create a solution. We call this “the fastest path to failure”. We want to eliminate solution candidates as quickly as possible so the most time is spent on the best fit solutions.

In other words, we explore the technologies that are available to solve the problem. Then come up with a unique solution. Experience tells us that truly elegant solutions are simple and already found in nature.


We all know the source of Velcro, the burrs that stick to our clothes as we walk through the woods in the fall.

Most engineers know how to solve the kind of problem that they are trained to solve. If you are staffed for typical electrical problems, you probably have very capable electrical engineers. If your production problems are typically mechanical, you are probably staffed with very competent mechanical engineers.

When your problem falls outside of the norm or in between functions, Enginasion is your solution. We are experts in the “impossible”.

The pharmaceutical client who needed to qualify defective or miscounted tablets. Existing thinking called for a very high resolution camera at a long focal length and a big computer to process all this data. Camera lenses take in a wide field of view that would have a lot of wasted data going into the processor. That’s the traditional solution.

In the discovery phase, Enginasion and the client team came up different approach, following the model of a fly, which has thousands of eyes each looking at a small area. Only 16 pixels per inch were needed to analyze the line accurately. Enginasion created a system of 40 i low resolution cameras in the tablet qualification line. Each camera is responsible for only one inch of view. This solution of identical, networked, small cameras allowed for a less powerful processor, built in redundancy and minimal down time.

The key to design for Enginasion is unique solutions to actual problems. Many of the problems that we help people with are unique to their business. Manufacturing companies look to Enginasion because they need something out of the ordinary. Many engineering groups in various industries rely on us for solutions to challenges that are outside their normal scope of challenges. The solutions are usually applications with combined technologies. It can be embedded software, electronics, mechanics, fluidics, metrology and/or acquiring data in a unique way for a database.

Hardware/Software Controls

Because of our software and electrical engineering expertise, we determine the optimum balance of hardware and software based on efficiency and cost to develop the instrument. Sometimes really fast software can replace hardware, and vice versa.

Before and After of an Android User Interface






Enginasion designs and manufactures Test Equipment and Technical Instruments . The heart of this equipment is a unique combination electronics and software, called a Control System. The control system pilots the action within the system guiding the mechanics, fluidics, metrology and data gathering.

Enginasion technologists are well versed in many technologies used in a lot of different industries, such as Pharma, Medical, Defense, Industrial, Bio and Life Sciences.

The analogy is the car. The equipment is the car. The hardware and software is the engine. The control system is the safety and system management. The control systems determine how the engine is going to make the car work.