Engineering is the implementation of design. This is the stage where we choose the software, electronic and hardware platforms as well as the technologies to optimize efficiencies. In short, engineering is putting the pieces together and making the design work. We do the pre-production engineering to test the project. The accurate documentation associated with this process is critical so the project can be reproduced.

Enginasion developed the electronics and software controls for a new Powder Dispenser System for inhaled insulin.

Many of our projects are low volume work. These types of solutions do not go into a large volume production because they are custom solutions designed and engineered to solve a unique challenge a company is facing with their product. Following the Discovery and Design Phases, our Engineering phase implements the concepts and ideas generated during the previous phases.

We are the innovative engineers who design a unique solution and then create the engineering and documentation that can be passed on to the contract manufacturer or in-house manufacturing team. For large volume production, we will partner with our industrial designer to prepare the project. Our working model and prototype demonstrates efficient production capability when the project is going into mass production.