Enginasion Capabilities pdf

As Experts in the Impossible, our unique approach to solutions has given us experience over the past 20 years in a variety of industries and technologies.

If you can’t measure something, then you’d come to us and say I need to measure this. How do I do it?
If you can’t automate a process, you would come to us and say I need to automate this. How do I do it?

We start with a discovery phase to determine the real problem without the preconceptions of it how to solve it. The discovery phase dictates whether a solution possible, whether it’s worth it to pursue, whether there is a business case, and what existing technologies can be brought to solve the problem. When the solution is not immediately obvious, we step back and ask: Where does a similar activity exist in nature and how is it solved? Virtually everything we do is already being done in nature. Maybe not necessarily the way we do it.

We’re not selling products or services that would invest us in preconceived directions for solutions. Our particular expertise is to bring multiple technologies - electronics, mechanics, fluidics and software - together to solve problems.

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  • Medical Devices

    Medical devices and instrumentation is an emerging market requiring innovative solutions to new challenges.

  • Defense

    Enginasion creates solutions for the highly complex problems required by the defense and military complex.

  • Industrial

    Automation and precision combined with efficiency of process are requirements for industrial manufacturing challenges.

  • Biopharma

    Enginasion has created unique and precision automation tools for accurate production of pharmaceuticals.

  • IoT

    Enginasion is playing a critical role in the development of data acquisition in the emerging Machine to Machine environment.