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Enginasion Biopharma IMA North America Case Study

Enginasion Develops a Defect-free Count Verification Systemfor One of the World's Leading Manufacturers of Precise Tablet Filling Packaging Systems.

IMA North America relied on Enginasion for imagination, creativity and an outside the box approach to problem solving.

Case Study

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IMA needed a new 100% accurate high speed count verification system to improve quality and consistency.


Enginasion Biopharma SolutionThe greatest challenge for high speed systems is accurately dispensing the precise number of defect-free pills into each container.

IMA's legacy system looked only at the presence or absence of a tablet in the mechanical sorting system of the machine. IMA turned to Enginasion to set them apart from their competition with updated technology for improved accuracy and consistent results.

Enginasion solves unique engineering challenges regardless of the scope of the problem or the size of the company. IMA's engineering team partnered with Enginasion to utilize their creative approach to problem solving and help develop an advanced count verification system that would ensure 100% count accuracy and sort imperfect or defective tablets. The system was also designed to be compatible with existing tooling to reduce costs and retrofitting downtime.

Enginasion Solution

The TruCount® system developed by Enginasion is a fully integrated count verification system that uses a large array of photo diodes and detectors to scan the tablets nearly 2000 times per second after they leave the slat. Tablets are fully contained within the manifold where they are evaluated and counted by the system ensuring 100% count and accuracy.

Biopharma IMA North America TruCount by Enginasion Enginasion invented a superior tablet-counting verification system

Benefits of the newly designed Enginasion TruCount system:

  • Uses photo diodes and detectors in place of a vision system
  • Compatible with existing tools and systems
  • Increased counting speed
  • Fully programmable
  • Automatically adjusts to tablet size, shape, color or type
  • Reduces operator setup time

IMA North America is a global leader in automated tablet counting/filling systems for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and confectionary industries.

Experts in the impossible.

Enginasion has been solving some of the most complex automation, control electronics, embedded software, and/or integrated product development challenges in the medical, defense, and pharmaceutical industries for 20 years. The best engineers partner with us during any phase of a project cycle and in any capacity that best serves their needs. Benefits range from consulting to serving as an extension of an existing department or as complete, outsourced engineering or R&D department.