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Enginasion™ solves difficult technical problems when the solution seems impossible. Typical challenges include process control, manufacturing automation, and product development, providing clients with electronic, mechanical and software engineering services from concept to production.

For two decades, Enginasion (formerly Industrial Automation Systems) has been an invaluable partner to companies in the Industrial, Medical Technology, Military and Pharmaceutical sectors that need a sophisticated yet affordable engineering resource to help them overcome critical hurdles related to automation, control electronics, embedded software, and/or integrated product development.

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Enginasion has helped clients design and build hardware and software to monitor, measure and control mechanical and electrical. Some of Enginasion’s clients have in-house engineering resources, and some of whom do not.

Enginasion specializes in solving the most difficult automation problems, applying ingenuity, in-depth understanding of physical phenomena and materials, and wide-ranging expertise in digital and analog electronics, software, user interfaces, networks, fluid controls, motion control systems and measurement techniques.

Patents by Inventor David Bonneau

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