High altitude air ship needed a reliable, low-weight, renewable power generation system.

The Discovery Phase is primarily a Consulting Phase during which we explore new approaches from an outside perspective. Some companies engage us for this phase alone, which is often a forensic approach, usually involving industrial accidents. Often the people contacting us for this help are the chief engineer, the VP of engineering or the president of a small company. Usually our clients have been working on a problem for a while and come to realize they need external resources to help them clarify the problem vs. the symptoms and possible solutions.

Often our outside perspective helps us to see the problem without the preconceived ideas and challenges that have created the stumbling block. We gather the entire team of people working on the project and brainstorm ideas and observations from everybody. Our goal is to understand the essence of the problem from a new direction.

At this point, some companies have the inside resources to complete the task and we help them do that. Sometimes companies realize the solution is beyond their internal expertise and we advise on the path to a solution, whether that is Enginasion or another resource.