Defense Case Study


Subs Depend on Enginasion to Breathe Easier with a New Generation of Oxygen Generators.

The US Navy relied on Enginasion for imagination, creativity and an outside the box approach to problem solving.

Case Study

US Navy Case Study pdf

The US Navy was looking for a new oxygen system for their new class of Seawolf, SSGN and Ohio class submarines.


Enginasion Defense Industry solutions 2A defense contractor working with the US Navy for over 50 years ran into what seemed like an impossible roadblock when tasked with designing Electrolytic Oxygen Generators that decompose water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen gases providing oxygen for crew life-support and operation sustainability.

The contractor turned to Enginasion for engineering assistance knowing their reputation for success and creative approach to problem solving. They asked Enginasion to design a smaller, more user-friendly, and cost-effective system controller for a Low Pressure Electrolyzer (LPE) that would benefit the US Navy’s submarine fleet.

Enginasion Solution

The controller designed by Enginasion included full automation of GUI prompts for required operator actions, built-in diagnostics, data & trend analysis and software interlocks, the elimination of over 12,000 parts reducing costs, and a reduction in operation noise.

Enginasion Defense Industry solutions 3

Enginasion designed a smaller, more user friendly and cost effective system controller.

Benefits of the Enginasion Solution:

  • Reduced control systems size by 90%
  • Reduced control systems costs by 40%
  • Interactive graphical user interface
  • Unique training simulator
  • Improved the operator’s experience

The Enginasion partnership is an integral part of the US Navy’s continual upgrading of its oxygen generators for extended life, lower life cycle costs, and superior reliability.