Industrial Case Study

GE Energy

GE Energy continues to count on Enginasion to provide innovative Quality Control Solutions to meet emerging market needs for GE Energy for over 20 years.

GE Energy relies on Enginasion for imagination, creativity and outside the box approach to problem solving.

Case Study

GE Energy Case Study pdf

GE Energy, who is at the forefront of the Smart Grid deployments, has relied on Enginasion to develop a wide variety of quality verification systems for a number of different products that are manufactured internationally.


Enginasion industrial engineering 2For two decades Enginasion has helped to fortify GE’s reputation for their single and poly-phase meters, which are known for robustness and superior quality. Enginasion builds custom test equipment and co-authors the specifications. In the industry, this is an interesting and unusual combination that facilitates the manufacture of products internationally with stateside validation.