IoT – Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) [including Machine-to-Machine (M2M)] technologies connect and create communication links between different sensors and devices, using both wireless and wired systems.

IoT (including M2M) technologies are growing as an integral part of our society’s infrastructure. Using our design engineering expertise, Enginasion is uniquely positioned to help make these systems work efficiently and effectively.

We currently have partnerships with PowerOwners, LLC and Sine-Wave Technologies; two key players in the development of IoT (including M2M) tools.

PowerOwners are solar industry consultants specializing in developing new business standards in testing and controls.

Sine-Wave Technologies,, provide real-time solutions, helping organizations with the connectivity, analysis, interpretation and the extraction of smart data for making smart business decisions in the IoT world.

Enginasion is the critical connection between the two, providing custom solutions to data acquisition, sometimes referred to as Machine-to-Machine integrators.

We have developed the platform that we use as part of our technology tools, combined with our experience and expertise in design engineering, to solve complex M2M problems. We can take your instrument and make it M2M or we can develop an instrument with M2M in it.

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