IoT Case Study


Enginasion completed the Starrett’s DataSure Wireless Data Collection System in only 60 days.

Starrett relied on Enginasion for imagination, creativity, and outside-the-box approach to re-design and problem solving.

Case Study

Starrett Case Study pdf

Starrett needed custom software that handles interfacing the DataSure wireless tool network with a customer’s favorite software, and also handles administrative functions such as setting-up data multipliers, directing data log files to a particular application, naming tools specific to user or work cell, configuring archive times, setting system performance features, and other critical functions.


Data collection is an increasingly important part of manufacturing, one of the main drivers in the movement toward electronically measuring tools output. At the top of the Starrett line, DataSure® Wireless Data Collection is a state-of-the-art system for real time collection and recording of measurement data.

With design and development help from Enginasion, Starrett has developed a robust hardware and software product that includes operator feedback to ensure transmission. From measurement to input, DataSure reduces steps, saves time, and eliminates error in the data collection process. Equally important, Starrett almost never receives a tech support call about DataSure.

Enginasion Solution

Enginasion developed software for a data collection system made up of very small radio packs that attach to tools, and a Gateway “receiver” that attaches to a PC. This effort required specialized knowledge of wireless networks, software programming, and interface of non-uniform hardware platforms.

Enginasion M2M solutions 2

The wireless data-collection product line was not simple to develop, as it required the unique blend of sophisticated software programming with exceptional electrical engineering expertise.

Benefits of the DataSure Wireless Data Collection System:

The system was cost-effective for bench-top data collection or shop wide, including shop floors spanning many thousands of square feet.