Medical Devices Case Study

Millenium Dental Technologies

Enginasion develops an Android tablet user interface for the world’s first soft-tissue dental laser, replacing tooth numbers with pictures, adding on-screen patient history, and data security.

Millennium Dental Technologies relied on Enginasion’s ability to solve unique engineering challenges regardless of the scope of the problem or the size of the company.

Millennium Dental Technologies, the first company to receive FDA approval for a periodontal laser used in place of a scalpel to remove diseased gum tissue, approached Enginasion with a need to upgrade their technology to improve performance and ease usability.

Read this case study to find out how Enginasion engineered a replacement control board providing a high resolution Android for Millennium Dental’s periodontal laser.

Read about how Enginasion engineered design improvements without compromising performance, while minimizing upgrade costs and downtime.

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